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This is a powerful and complete SEO suite for indexing and sitemap management.

SEO Control Panel
Easy SEO panel lets you submit sitemaps, manage search bots on your site and more. This is an invaluable tool for the inexperienced person

SEO Spider
An easy and handy tool for everyone to identify SEO issues and improvements at a glance, such as duplicates
Search Engines Metainfo
The Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ allows you to control titles and descriptions in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) and for socials
Ping Search Engines
Automatically ping search engines when adding or changing content.
Google Analytics Integration
Access your Google Analytics stats in the Joomla! backend and easily monitor your site trend, visitors, visits, etc.
Videos Sitemap
Generate videos sitemap for videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and HTML5 to get indexed under Google videos search
Inversion of Control™
Don't wait for search engines to come to you – you can submit your links and pages to search engines through Ping-O-Matic Web service!
Stats and Charts
Sitemap XML is formatted in user friendly way and shows stats and charts about links

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If you just read our article titled:

5 Questions that Must Be Asked Before Designing a New Website

Ask yourself:
Where does your site stand in relationship to the five questions asked?

Your answers will vary based on a few factors, age of your site, trends in place at the time of the build, and the content you added to name a few.

Take a second to answer the questions below and RAC Creative Solutions Team will evaluate your current site and schedule time to lay out a road map that will bring your on-line presence into 2018.

Does your website address any of these pain points?
Are any of these pain points addressed on the home page?
Are any of these pain points factoring into your SEO efforts?